Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Careful, Part II

amobi wrote:

These Fanboys are already begging Canon to put 7D AF on the next 5DIII. What a shame.

MM1 wrote:

thelensmeister wrote:

id love nikon to release this cause then surely Canon would HAVE to put the AF techonlogy of the 1d series into the 5d successor (or give us a 3D).

Or maybe they won't HAVE to. I'm afraid they will try to get away with including 7D AF (which has unlikely roots in 1D AF technology), and the fanboys will still jump with joy and rave about it. 13+ years after 45pt AF was designed.

I am not a fanboy, but I do recognize reality. The AF of the 7D would be a major improvement on the 5D, (heck, the AF of the 60D would be an improvement!) and, frankly, if Canon were to put everything you guys want in a 5D mkIII, you'd have a 1D mkIV. There's no way Canon will do that, since it would pirate sales from a much higher priced camera or they will have to charge as much for a 5D as they do a 1Ds. You wouldn't like the latter, would you? I mean, if they put the same sensor, the same AF and the same environmental sealing (the things I've read demanded here on this forum) what's the diferentiation? A smaller body? So, you want all of the top level stuff in a package that's not as big, leaving less room in which to stuff circuitry. Ya'll don't want much, do you?

The EOS3 of film days was an abberation, and I don't think that Canon is keen to repeat it. A camera with a higher frame rate, the same AF, eye controlled focus (which the 1v didn't have) in a body sealed to the levels of the 1v's predecessor, the 1n must surely have cut into the 1v sales in a major way. Why buy a 1v? For the downloadable file info? A few more custom functions? The EOS3 was far closer in spec to the 1 series of the day than any of its progenitors, like the A2/E/EOS5 or EOS10s were to the 1n and 1, respectively. On the other hand, the EOS5/A2/E and the 3 debuted the AF of the succeeding 1 series. So, who really knows.

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