Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Speaking styles.

Skip M wrote:

You do seem to have trouble spotting when someone is speaking tongue in cheek...

Sometimes, but not this time. I simply chose to answer your questions directly, in this case.

...but you were the one who said "I hope canon wil compete well with the 5D3, 'cause I can't afford to switch."

I did.

The implication is that keeping up with Nikon is paramount for you.

That was not the implication. The implication was that if the rumored Nikon D800 was as stated, then that was a camera I would want to have, and if Canon could not produce something similar, I wouldn't be able to get the camera I wanted.

Thus my question, "What happens to you if Canon doesn't..." If you're not a pro, and not going to switch, what difference does it make?

The answer is simple: Nikon will be making a camera I want, and Canon would not.

In fact, if you are a pro, in the greater scheme of things, what difference does it make? I shoot weddings and portrats, my wife shoots boudoir/glamour in addition to that, and we have not lost a single client because we don't shoot with the latest and greatest. Our competitors have equal skills, or at least some of them, and some of them have newer cameras (notice I didn't say "greater") but none of the tout that fact and none of them have taken business from us, or anybody else as far as I know, on that basis.

That's excellent for you, as you can continue to use your current equipment and not lose business. For me, I'm a hobbiest. I want to get better photos than I'm currently getting and to be able to expand the range of circumstances where I can capture a photo.

Of course, this is not to say that my 5Dc doesn't provide in spades for me most of the time. But it is to say that there are enough times that it doesn't, that I want something more.

The 5D2 is better than the 5Dc, but not "enough better" that I felt a "need" to upgrade. The rumored D800 is not only "enough better", but I dare say, so much better that I don't think I would have the skills to make use of anything better still.

That is, the rumored D800 appears to be what I've been waiting for, and, after that, it would no longer be a matter of the equipment, but a matter of the photographer. That's not to say that I couldn't do better still with the 5Dc, but rather to say there are plenty of times it's my equipment, as opposed to myself, that is the limiting factor. With a camera like the rumored D800, I would only have myself to blame.

You're probably doing the same thing with your 5D and L lenses that I am with mine, taking photos...

I've been assured that the build quality is not sufficient to do anything else with it.

I'm quite sure that Canon is aware of Nikon's competition without your help...

You know, I really have my doubts, unless it's a new awareness that they are no longer on top. The 1D3 AF fiasco which helped Nikon leap in front of Canon with their D3 is a key point to support my position.

All this said, I really like my 5Dc and lenses, and really hope that Canon has an "acceptable" answer to the rumored D800. But, I really have my doubts. I'm thinking the 5D4 might be the camera I'm waiting for, not the 5D3.

In other words, instead of waiting a few months for the system I've been waiting for since before the 5D2 even came out, waiting a few more years. Bummer, really, but, as you note, there's more to life than taking a few pictures.

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