Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Skip M wrote:

If Canon responds with a mkIII that doesn't do any more than it does now, but puts all the 7D and 60D improvements on board with a 32mp sensor, how does that come out worse than the D800?

I was rather hoping for marked improvements on the sensor design - something similar to what Sony/Nikon did with the d7000. Also, I think we expect better AF and more 1d-like body design - nothing less than what Nikon has done with the d700 and most certainly the d800. Remember this time around Canon might not have the 'high resolution boasting rights'.

I'm guessing that some major improvements need to be implemented to go beyond the current pixel counts. I'm also guessing we'll get better AF, Canon can't afford to have its junior flagship lag behind its crop sensor brethren. A lot of us don't want a 1D like body, the ergo of the smaller bodies suits us just fine, and if it looked like a 1D and acted like a 1D, it would be a 1D.

The new Sony/Nikon sensor is very cool, but I'm not sure that Canon can go there, what with patent protections and Canon has shown theirselves to be very reluctant to license technology from other sources. They will have to do something, however, just to keep their heads above technological water.
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