A77 Gold Award by What Digital Camera

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Re: A77 Gold Award by What Digital Camera

Some interesting points and I have taken them on board. So except for DXO mark (which uses no PP at all and I now assume uses very specialized software to open RAW's without any processing at all) there is no COMPLETELY fair way of assessing the unfettered noise performance of one sensor to another. I still think the 'zero setting' ACR RAW's give an INDICATION of a sensors performance without resorting to a physics laboratory.

What I don't understand is that some people seem to be saying that ACR uses differing default adjustments for any given camera's RAW file and DPR should stick to those settings. If those default settings are different for every camera's RAW's what does publishing images using those settings tell us about the camera? I would argue it tells us little more than the JPEG's.

The A77 JPEG processing (compared to for example the Nex5N) above 1600 tells me that it is working hard to supress noise. The ACR RAW's I have seen show considerable noise above 1600. So what? The trade off is very high resolution and great detail at lower ISO's. I just don't comprehend why some people have an issue with that and claim a conspiracy of some sort.

Personally in the last 9 months I haven't taken a photo over ISO 800 so it wouldn't put me off the A77 anyway.

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