Capture NX3 Announced w/ D800?

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Re: Is there a difference between d3x and D3S

Let's hope they at least get the basics somewhere near right this time. Like having the newly opened image and its window automatically fit the parent application window: every time I open a new image (many, many times, almost every day) I first have to resize both. Appalling, primitive, hopeless.

Oddly enough I haven't found speed to be a major problem with NX2 on either of the boxes I've used it on (Q6600, 4Gb WinXp 32 & AMD 6-core, 8Gb Win 7/64). The batch processing is actually very quick. I haven't noticed any stability problems either, at least none worse than, say, CS3. ViewNX is another matter - there are clearly issues there with the cacheing or some type of memory leakage.

A personal bugbear would be that NXn should incorporate a fully mapped set of distortion characteristics for Nikon camera and lens combinations: DxO can manage this. Nikon already have all the data, I imagine.

There's obviously something along these lines already going on, witness the presence and absence of the "auto distortion correction" check option available when Nikon lens metadata is present. So far I've never been able to find any information about how this works (eg does it take distance information into account, as with DxO's implementation of the same geometric corrections?)

This addition would surely sell a lot more software and probably quite a few more Nikon brand lenses. At the very least Nikon/Nik should offer betas of the new version for testing before they release it, given the poor reputation of NX2. Not that I've noticed anyone complaining about the quality of the RAW conversions.

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