Should we stop accumulating more lenses?

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Re: Should we stop accumulating more lenses?

photoPhlow wrote:

JimP101 wrote:

Of course the EF lenses will become obsolete, as will optical viewfinders in my opinion - probably in the lower cost DSLR's first.

... At some point the mirror-less systems will be "good enough" and then many more will leave the Canon EOS system.


I disagree with the EF lenses. They will be there for many years for enthusiasts. We almost lost FF cameras in the digital revolution, when it became too expensive to produce the sensors. Now that sensor prices have dropped, there is no reason to lose the FF form factor, even if it is only for a small market.

But you missed out the rest of my post. The point I was making is that the EF lenses WILL become obsolete, but not for a long time. It is inevitable, but that needn't stop anyone investing now.


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