Oh Olympus E-1, how I love you!

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Re: Oh Olympus E-1, how I love you!

Thanks. Three good reasons for me to feel good about the E-1, hardly used bodies I've bought over the last couple of years, along with all the other photographed reasons I've come up with myself. I actually use them more than the E-3 unless I'm planning to shoot more difficult light or exposure times.

I still like film because of the random grain, classic art photo qualities. Compared to perfection of digital images today, it's as if film and the character of the E-1 images have quite a lot in common. Knowing there is little resolution difference in 5MP and 35mm film with optimal scanning, I don't feel without a camera using the E-1. I think the other thing is that most fine art photography that appeals to me is taken in less contrasty conditions where the E-1 works beautifully, not to mention color.

I have to throw in a couple of other points about the E-1 that Olympus seems to have put behind them. The E-1 gives me an opportunity to use the largest CF card with "countless" 5MP RAW or TIFF files and a BLL-1 battery in the grip on a camera body built like a brick. This way, my mind has never been distracted by concern of enough image space or battery power. I'll shoot all day long with one objective in mind, having fun looking for great shots. The E-1 bodies will never need to go but Olympus will need to keep them in mind when introducing a mirror-less pro if I ever could be persuaded to buy one.

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