Yikes! The rumored Nikon D800.

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Vivid1 wrote:

If they can make that camera for $4k I can foresee many switchers - at least most of my Nikon colleagues who are touting 5dmkii's will switch back and probably many Canon shooters (myself included) might have a d800 and a lens or 2 in my bag soon. Rumours are that 5dmkiii will bring nothing new (over mkii) but 32Mp and a price increase to the party - but I'll wait and see.

If Canon responds with a mkIII that doesn't do any more than it does now, but puts all the 7D and 60D improvements on board with a 32mp sensor, how does that come out worse than the D800?

On a side note: Isn't it amazing how Nikon has flourished since Sony entered the DSLR market? (probably much more than Sony themselves?)

Having Sony as an engineering backup has certainly helped them, hasn't it?
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