Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

kelpdiver wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

I barely get through 200 pics before I give up through them in a folder and forget about it.

Ah, well then yes, there's no point in an SLR for you. Sometimes I forget I'm in the Talk group. If I took 200 pics, I'd end up with 5-10 keepers at best. I understand that recent cameras have taken face recognition one step further and can detect blinking, which is brilliant, but still lots of ways subjects can ruin the shot if you only take one.

Yeah, no you're right that I often take 2 or 3 pics of a scene with people in it because of stuff like that. No matter how great you think your photography skills are, not matter how much you plan the shot (not that I personally spend a lot of time at that), no matter what you do, there's no way to always avoid the "blinked during the picture" problem.

I feel like you're slightly missing my point, though. You wrote that "the speed and PQ gives you shots you can't get with the S"

But my counterpoint is that - that is true. But it's also true that the bulk and inconvenience of a dslr in other situations have the same effect - the bulk and extra carrying hassle of a dslr mean you can get shots with the S that you can't get with the dslr.

There are many situations where I simply cannot bring a dslr - if I go dancing (I actually do social dancing, like swing dancing and a little bit of salsa dancing). One cannot go and dance with a dslr. Another situation is road biking - if you're touring you might be able to fit a dslr in, but if you're doing a "fast as I can go" road ride a dslr is out of the question. And then there are other situations where one simply unexpectedly finds them wishing they had their dslr but they simply wouldn't have it with them - for example I went to a museum and suddenly found myself wishing I could take a group shot. I didn't even know I was going to the museum until the middle of the day - I simply would not have had a dslr with me. Let's say you go to the beach - are you now not going to go in the water because your expensive and obviously expensive dslr is going to be left sitting there? I'm not fond of leaving my s95 on the beach either, but it wouldn't cost $1,000 to replace. And if one did this regularly they could find a way to get a waterproof case or bag for the s95 and bring it with them - it would be a lot easier to carry that than a dslr in a waterproof case. Let's say you go to a concert and want to take a pic or video at the concert - a lot of concerts won't let you in with a dslr, whereas they would let in an s95. Or mountain biking - I can fit my s95 into a hardsided case and into my underseat bag, or into my camelback, etc. A dslr is simply out of the question - it wouldn't fit in any of those locations, if I crashed which is inevitable in mountain biking there's a good chance of breaking the camera, where to attach it to the bike, etc.

Then there are other situations where it's "convenience vs convenience". For example - it's more convenient to fire off a burst from the dslr for a group shot, sure. But is it more convenient to lug around a dslr for 2 hours or is it more convenient to take a slower second and third shot with an s95?

"But if all you have is an S95/100/smartphone, you're severely limiting yourself."

But the thing is - and this applies to my photo needs but not necessarily yours - I do agree with you that you're severely limiting yourself in some situations but certainly not all. But the dslr has the same kind of limitation - because of it's much bulkier size, as I mentioned earlier in my post there are places and things you simply would not be able to do with a dslr, thus it also severely limits your photography.

Now yes, one could have both, and use either when convenient. But the thing is, as I've explained - for me personally, I have found that for whatever reason there's very, very few times when all these things are true -

1. I would have the ability to have a dslr with me without it being impossible or a really, really, really big inconvenience. And also would actually have thought "I should bring the dslr" before heading out.

2. The dslr would provide a noticeable advantage.

Just #2 happens a lot, anything that's indoors with people at night. But #1 and #2 - rarely happen for me at the same time. I'm either in a situation where a dslr would be handy but I can get by with my s95 with less hassle than carting the dslr around, or I would like to have the dslr but it's impossible or very, very, very inconvenient to have it with me.

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