60D as an artistic tool? Have a look!

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OT, but a few thoughts...

Nano Rot wrote:

Johan im very interesting in the 60d, but i would love to shoot people inside houses " partys" with low light and stuff like that.....
so the 60d wont work?? maybe theres better options for this than the 60d

Johan01--- I am really disappointed with the low light performance though. emoticon - sad

This is off topic, but I'll try to answer your comment. You might want to generate separate thread so we don't bog this one done with a discussion of the 60D's low light performance.

Of course it will work in that environment, though using a flash might get better results. The 60D will produce excellent images in low light, certainly as compared to most any crop DSLR out there. You say you're really disappointed with the 60D's low light performance... as compared to what? Do you see something out there that delivers significantly better image quality at ISO 1600 or 3200? If so, then you might want to consider going with that instead.

Full frame cameras like the 5D would probably give you somewhat better low light results (though that's a whole other argument itself), but do you really want to spend that kind of money? Again, looking at crop cameras, you won't find much of anything that will deliver a significantly better image under low light conditions than the 60D.

You should either learn to live with the noise you get at higher ISOs (with most any camera) or consider using flash to provide more light. I guess for those of us who've come thru most all of Canon's DSLR generations, what's being done with high ISOs and vastly increased pixel density now is nothing short of amazing.

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