x100 w/ interchangeable lenses announced?

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Re: anyone here understand Japanese?

Torode wrote:

Here is a better translation of the key passages of the Japanese article:

In addition, CEO Shigetaka Komori delcared Fuji’s intention to launch a mirrorless interchangeable lens system of the highest caliber, noting that the company intended to achieve a resolution and low-noise performance surpassing that of 35mm full-frame sensors. While Fuji had originally planned to announce this as the International CES in 2012, considering its opportunities for making announcements in Japan in the lead-up to this, it made a clear statement of its intention to enter the mirrorless market.

The company has no mock-ups or reference images whatsoever for the system it dubs the “X mirrorless interchangeable,” and said that it would clarify the details of the system at 2012 International CES.

Speaking about the segregation of the fixed-lens FinePix X100 and the X-S1 due for launch within the year, he remarked that "While I think the 26x zoom covers a wide range of scenarios, it has a limit... we hope to put that technology into a larger sensor and make it with interchangeable lenses."

Thanks, Torode. Google Translate made nonsense out of most of that passage. Could you also translate the text of the 3 sales and X100 user characteristics charts? Google can't even touch those. And what is the X ( interchangeable ) label in English?


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