60d vs doubt

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Re: 60d vs doubt

ESfishdoc and ur right i would love print my photos instead of internet posting.

and one question i just heard about the NIK SNAPSEED, can i install this software in my macbook or i must have an iphone or ipad for this?

ESfishdoc wrote:

First my suggestion then some reasons and explanations. Assuming you have a budget and aren't ready to go right to a full frame 5DMK II.... because that is the "best" for what you mention...(I think of equipment in good-better-best terms)

Buy a used 450D or 600D and start learning and shooting... you are going to want to spend a whole mess of money on other things and the money saved buying used will help.

Less than 3 years ago I bought my first DSLR.. a 450D and a 50 1.8 and a 55-250. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do other than start taking better pictures with complete control. I did not have a clue what my desired "output" would be. The 55-250 was used 3 days and I knew I wanted better glass for wildlife so I got a 100-400L... the 50 1.8 was used a couple of times and now it sits... I needed software.... Started out with the cheap stuff.... no good. Went to Lightroom.... good... then with PSE... then CS4 and now CS5 and throw in NIK Complete Collection not to mention about 5 TB of hard drive storage and a new computer and a nice big screen that can be calibrated and a Wacom tablet..... and it goes on and on....

I'm finally figuring out what my desired end point is and I'm now printing my own work and making frames and cutting mat and glass... I spent 500 dollars on glass in a month to get things done for a show..... who knew???? I still post a bunch of stuff on the net but what I value is on a wall somewhere.

I'm fortunate I have a good day job to support my addiction... I mean hobby.

Some of my favorite stuff was done with the 450D although it collects dust mostly....

So what is your goal? Internet posting? 8 X 10 Prints? 20 X 30?

Here is a good quote..

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. – Henri Cartier-Bresson

That was in film days... in digital it should be.. Your first 100K photographs are your worst.

Get shooting... don't max out the budget on the camera...don't be afraid to buy used...


Nano Rot wrote:

Im just starting my photography race, so my question is what kind of camera should i buy between t3i or 60d the difference is around 300dls, so theres a big difference between this two or not?
i would like get the best camera for shoting events at night and portraits

like i said im totally new on this, so i would appreciate all the advices

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