Apply Keyword Group in Aperture 3

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Re: Apply Keyword Group in Aperture 3

benross wrote:

Actually I am currently reading Dion Scoppettuolo training book on Aperture 3. So far, my understanding is that keywords are inherently independent. They may be grouped and organized in certain manner to be more useful and accessible for use, but there is no 'organic' relationship between keywords. And I don't think there should be.

There is the relationship I described above. If you create a keyword group named 'People' and in there the two keywords 'Man' and 'Woman' and then apply this keyword 'Man', you can search for 'People' and find the image you just branded 'Man'.

Each keyword is to give a specific identity to an image. The idea is to differentiate different images with their different keywords.

The feature I just described (and the feature I might misremember) allows you add two keywords that always go together, 'People' and 'Man' with one mouse-click. And that allows you to search independently for 'Man' and 'People'. You might want to argue that the keyword 'People' is superfluous if all 'People' are marked either 'Man' or 'Woman'. But searching is simpler if you can just search for 'People' instead of {'Man' OR 'Woman'}. Thus keyword groups can be used to create sets of keywords that always go together (like 'Man' and 'People').

Of course, you might want to use the keyword grouping in the Keyword HUD not for the purpose of assigning multiple keywords at once but just for making the list more manageable. The current model (if it really is the only way this operates) is a compromise, ie, it does not add the upper level keywords but allows searching with them.

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