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Re: Agree ... the D700 is not a competitor to the 5D ...

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... So why must a D800 equal a 5D MkIII in MP's?

They are competitors because there are very few affordable full frame 35mm cameras: 5D, a900, d700. They have to compete against each other because buyers have so few options. If the d700 had video few would have thought they were not competitors.

I feel Nikon did what they could at the time with the d700. Nikon designed the d3/d700 sensor and probably didn't have the capabilities and/or resources to include video at that time nor could they do higher pixel count without resorting to using the Sony 24 MP sensor which may have (at the time) made the potential selling price too high for Nikon's target price. Both the d800 and 5D3 will have 1080p video and high pixel count this time.

The D700 has the performance, well very close anyway, to a pro-grade body. As a general purpose body it can do street, photo jouranlism, sports, concerts, etc. A 36 MP sensor would I imagine reduce that performance and therefor its usable range.

I fail to see how higher resolution could reduce how a photographer could use it?! Nikon's d1 and d2 cameras, which were aps-c and rather noisy, were used by photographers for concerts, sports, pj, street, landscapes, studio and I am so sure a 36 MP FF dSLR will be much less noisy than either the d1 or d2 while giving great cropping ability. It would be like using a d7000 but having the wide view recorded too if needed.

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