Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

kelpdiver wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

The thing is, I would be severely limited with a dslr as well.

I actually started keeping track - every time I had any trouble getting a pic with my s95 I thought to myself "would I have a dslr here?". And almost all the time the answer was no - either because I didn't realize it would be a good photo opportunity, or more often simply because whatever I was doing I could not have done if I had a dslr with me. Like, again and again and again. There's a weird correlation where the more I could have used a dslr, the less convenient or possible it would have been to bring with me.

So what are some examples of this? The extra pound of an SLR + kit lens (equaling the compacts) isn't going to kill you. And the bulk of the smaller rebels doesn't hurt that badly either. Mine have taken up past 19 thousand feet (7d) and 170 ft below (20d).

The limitations of the 90 interfere a lot with what I want to do. Not wide enough, not deep enough, too slow, bad in low light. It's perfect for taking a picture of a person or two at a 5-15ft range. Landscapes? It's a terrible hiking camera. The 7d + 15-85 + a good binocular harness destroys it.

LOL, Omg man.

Hey, can I get a rum and coke? This? Oh, this is just my Canon 7d with a hiking harness. Hey girls - what's this? Oh come on, you know you want to touch my giant lens.

Want to dance? Cool. Oh, don't worry about that giant thing slapping against your leg, my camera is just happy to see you.

Also there's family gatherings where one doesn't have to worry about the camera being stolen if left on a table or something, but it would often end up being in the other room when a good photo op came up.

Battery life is another vital difference. Thanks to the OVF, I took 1000 pics over the weekend and still have 60% of the battery life remaining. Doesn't matter for a short excursion where you can easily recharge, but definitely a big deal when you're away from home for a while.

Maybe, since since replacement batteries are $10 a piece for 200 shots, while I would need a lot to handle over 1,000 pics being able to take 600 pics in one vacation is more than enough for me. And frankly, even 600 pics is to much - I don't want to have to sort through them when I get home, I barely get through 200 pics before I give up through them in a folder and forget about it.

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