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Re: 36Mp sharpness

Edymagno wrote:

Anyone will get "sharp" pictures out of a 36 pm FF sensor. Getting a picture's worth of 36 mp's without a tripod and proper technique (MLU, optimal f-stop, good glass, etc) is not likely to happen very often.

I'm aboard the Canon ship. I bet that even my 5D2 can't deliver me 21 mp's worth of IQ without using mlu and a tripod.

On important assignments and since the film days, I often treated my 35mm slr like a large format field camera. It paid.

I think that's true. The real benefit, other than crowing rights, of ownership is likely to be limited to those like me, concentrating on photographing things that don't move about a lot. Because I can't carry much these days I'm often without a tripod and with the best will in the world it isn't easy to get the full resolution out of 12Mp let alone 36.
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