Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: D700s ànd D800 release consideration...

rayman 2 wrote:

The new Sony is going to be the successor of the old one (900 series)
and that had 24 MP for a long time..

For a long time? Not really. So far all affordable FF 35mm dSLR have lasted at least 3 years before replacement.

Given that Sony has a record of high pixel count the 36 MP isnt an UNBELIEVABLE
jump.... so that if the D800 would have 18MP and the Sony 36 MP you´d
have a major marketing problem there....

A "record" of? Again, not really. They had the 24 MP FF sensor 3 years ago and then just recently the 24 MP aps-c sensor. Hardly a record. Canon is much more of the pixel count pusher than sony has been over the years.

Given that Nikon and Sony share the sensor on some models we can be

pretty safe to say that a rumor of 36MP is MORE then a rumor.... its pretty logic..

given also that the major competition the 5D mk 3 will have 30+ MP nikon would have even more a competition problem especially from a marketing point of view..

There are no good rumors or even decent spec rumors about the 5D3 that isn't anything more than made up guesses or wish lists, so assuming it will be 30+ MP is just your guess. Things suggest the 1Ds3 replacement and the 5D3 won't get the same image sensor this time, yielding a higher end, higher pixel count sensor for the 1Ds3 replacement.

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