Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Re: Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

Wheatfield wrote:

aman74 wrote:

Seriously, what's the point as a guest to bring a serious camera? If they wanted extra pics they would ask for them.

I'm with the posters who feel it's tacky. Not only that, I fail to see the point or motivation of the people who do it other than selfish motivations.

Here's something to mull over.
I have three cameras, more or less.
A 4x5, a medium format Pentax 6x7 and an APS-C DSLR.
My little DSLR is my non serious camera.
Which should I bring to a wedding if I am a guest, not the hired pro?

Cameras don't kill weddings, people with cameras kill weddings.

Yes, there's truth to that. I should have been more specific. I'm sure there are some folks in that situation, but not many. Also, you're right, not a lot of harm in it as long as you're polite.

However, I think most people have a compact or cell phone or there significant other does.

I shouldn't lump everyone together and just pointed out that most, but not all of the folks bringing a DSLR are just being kinda silly. Common motivations:

-an excuse to bring out there expensive toy that they probably hardly get to use and need to justify

-they want to practice

-they want to show off

-they're just way to snap happy and don't know how to dial it back when there's not much need for it

-they'll be bored otherwise

etc.. etc..

Most people have a P&S. Do most people really need to bring the big gear? Do you really need hundreds of photos? Concentrate on having a good time and enjoying the event.

My buddies wife goes nuts with the pictures and she just has a P&S. They go on a trip or a casual outing and comes back with hundreds of pics...she doesn't even fancy herself a hobbiest or anything of the like. I see other friends post 50 boring pictures of a common camping trip on Facebook as if people care.

Maybe I just don't see the appeal. To each his own and it's pretty harmless and if it makes them happy then go for it I guess. I just find it obnoxious.

Interesting cultural side note. I went to a philipino funeral, in the States, and they took pictures of the deceased with family members posing. At first it seemed odd as I've never seen that before...then I understood.

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