Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re:Chasseur d'Images.../ About naming they mention "D900"...

Hi Stany,

I join the board at some time. I think the information is at least partly credible. But I really really..yes really wonder If there will be a D800 (or even a D900) coming November as Nikon rumors mentioned

Market, technical wise it would be daring to do, you will get a lot of people complaining about soft images for sure...let alone the high ISO complainers

But the 30+ MP 'rumour' is in line with that of 30+ MP camera's other producers (Canon, Sony) seem to have in development/production.

I meant with D800/D900 that if Chasseur d'Images has a sample or camera for review purposes (with any kind of model naming, does not matter) they are not allowed to mention/discuss about it at all (this is always clearly stated in Nikons' NDA) So I do not think they have one.


photoforfun wrote:

M Lammerse wrote:

If so,

The would not even mention the word D800

They notice that they are only sceptical about the naming, they expect it to be called D900 ...

photoforfun Is so,

brunobarolo wrote:

If Nikonrumors is right, the Chasseur d'Images editors may just be playing with a D800, preparing a preview to be published on October 26th...

Exactly my thoughts...

photoforfun wrote:

Just noticed that Chasseur d'Images, -important photography magazine in Europe- takes over the NR-D800-36Mp predictions...
This provides this rumoured 36Mp D700 successor with quite a bit of credibility.

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