Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: Where do you see the big problems?

M Lammerse wrote:
Hi Bob,

I very much doubt if there is a single 18/36MP sensor, the binning idea doesn't make sense.

For me partly it does, but not in relation with Nikon I'm remembering an interesting sales explanation were some one of Phase Cameras' with in that time their new pixel plus technology (pixel binning) high MP 645 camera.

Pixel binning reduces increases photoelectron count relative to read noise (trading it for resolution). Given that read noise really only comes to play in the deep shadows, for sensors with very low values of read noise (such as the Sony Exmor) it is of very limited value. It make sense in astronomical application where you're trying to pick very dim objects out of the blackness, but very few photos are like that.

I also think 18MP is too conservative for the D4, especially given that the arguments people put for 18 (24 couldn't be processed fast enough) have gone away with the EXPEED 3.

18MP extreme high iso/high DR ultra fast camera, with both still and movie functionality absolutely a market for it..Can't say if it is big enough. Nikon does probable know more about the competition than we, and if that rumour is correct and that 18MP is coming, than it should be some kind of answer to that of the competition

The 18MP camera can't do anything in terms of high ISO ultra fast than can the 24MP camera, and the 24MP camera has the advantage that it matches the reach of the major competitor.

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