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The Differences between EZ Zoom and Standard Picture Size Modes

Mirfak wrote:

Thanks. This was my understanding - EOZ is definitely not digital zoom, and thus doesn't come with the image deterioration of digital zoom. This brings me back to the original question. If you're going to do a heavy crop in PP because the image doesn't fill the frame, would you not be better off using part of the sensor with EOZ, thus filling the frame during capture?

You are asking one of the "enduring questions" perennially posed on the PTF - and one which has engendered many, many words spoken in a fairly large number of previous related existing threads.

My position (in summary, believe it or not):

There are no technical advantages whatsoever to in-camera sensor-cropping as it relates to the recorded image (though there are advantages to employing optical zoom to "fill up the frame").

There may be a perceived advantage to the use of reduced amounts of memory-card space in order to record/store images of a reduced Picture Size (in pixels). But card-memory is inexpensive .

In fact, there clearly are potential technical disadvantages in (by using "EZ Zoom") potentially allowing the camera to engage in (the at best, known to be relatively crude and inaccurate) "Bilinear" re-sampling algorithm (which appears to be the only practical option for the in-camera accomplishment high-speed, and less computationally-intensive downwards re-sampling).

Some posters have (understandably) reported the sentiment that it is helpful for them to be able to see an enlarged view of the intended subject-matter on the LCD/EVF preview-displays. However, note that since "EZ Zoom" does not engage in any upwards re-sampling in it's activities, any and all apparent "enlargement" of the subject-matter is solely the result of optical zoom ...

Some users have anecdotally reported that it is their impression that (when in the "EZ Zoom" Picture Size modes), Lumix cameras' Focusing and Metering functions are concentrated on a smaller fraction of the total image-sensor area, thus altering and in some applications improving Lumix cameras' Focusing and Metering functionality.

(To date), no documentary evidence from objective camera testing has been reported on the PTF that substantiates the actual existence of this occurring (or to establish the degree to which it occurs , if it does). Others may (possibly) be weighing-in on these matters as time goes by ... ... ...

If you search the PTF for the phrase, "EZ Zoom", you will find quite a few previous related threads, where I (as well as many other posters) have discussed and considered such subjects.

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