Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

kelpdiver wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

That doesn't mean I can't see your point. However, for me a megazoom or an evil camera would both just sit at home where I would theoretically one day actually use them. A dslr - might - get some use, but it's just so inconvenient to bring it most of the places where it would actually be better than my s95 that I haven't bought one because I'm just not sure I would use it almost at all. Whereas I use my s95 at least on a weekly basis.

Once you go to the speed of an SLR, it's hard to go back.

The speed of an dslr is enticing...

It is much bulkier and doesn't fit in your pocket, but the speed and PQ gives you shots you can't get with the S.

...but I go out and do something interesting, then takes pics of it, not the other way around, and by the same token the S gives me shots doing things I would never be able to do if I had the dslr with me.

These days the primary use for my S90 is the static wider angle scene shots when I have a telezoom mounted on the SLR. It's definitely handy that it fits easily into a cargo pocket. But if all you have is an S95/100/smartphone, you're severely limiting yourself.

The thing is, I would be severely limited with a dslr as well.

I actually started keeping track - every time I had any trouble getting a pic with my s95 I thought to myself "would I have a dslr here?". And almost all the time the answer was no - either because I didn't realize it would be a good photo opportunity, or more often simply because whatever I was doing I could not have done if I had a dslr with me. Like, again and again and again. There's a weird correlation where the more I could have used a dslr, the less convenient or possible it would have been to bring with me.

I mean I'm serious - I've given it serious consideration. If the 60D's contrast detect autofocus was snappy I would have bought one when I went to the store.

The EVIL line is basically a compromise for the SLR users who want to carry something smaller. Still delivers much better performance, but doesn't need a carry case.

That doesn't sound quite right, most dslr's with one lens don't need a case either. A dslr with 2 or more lenses needs a case but so does a m43rds with 2 or more lenses (or nex, etc).

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