Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

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Re: Hmmmm.... S100 or iPhone 4S?

kelpdiver wrote:

If the choice was between an S95/100 or a smartphone camera, the choice is obvious.

But I already asked the question - why should owners of a 90 or 95 pay $439 for a slightly better second version of the same camera? This is money better spent on a megazoom, a cheap DSLR, or an EVIL.

I sold my s90 last year for $250 after the s95 came out, so the question was more one of "is it worth $150 to upgrade". Also the s100 is $429 not $439 (typo?) so maybe it's a question of whether it's $180 to upgrade.

That doesn't mean I can't see your point. However, for me a megazoom or an evil camera would both just sit at home where I would theoretically one day actually use them. A dslr - might - get some use, but it's just so inconvenient to bring it most of the places where it would actually be better than my s95 that I haven't bought one because I'm just not sure I would use it almost at all. Whereas I use my s95 at least on a weekly basis.

Lol, you should be happy really! Do you remember when you would buy something and a year later something that made your item totally obsolete would come out? Remember the 386 to the 486 processor and suddenly your 386 was completely obsolete? Remember when they went from 2mp cameras to 4mp cameras and not upgrading meant other people were taking significantly better pictures than you and if you didn't upgrade you were actually losing out on better pics?

These days are great , lol. You can choose to upgrade or not based on whether it's worth it for a few extra features, but you aren't being completely obsoleted by the new version, lol.

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