D5100 and Sigma 120-400: a decent combination.

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Re: D5100 and Sigma 120-400: a decent combination.

All thanks for your comments.

james laubscher wrote:

The images are nice examples of what the Sigma 120 - 400mm can do but I think they could be better. The contrast is relatively low - is this due to the time of day, camera settings or natural limitation of the lens?

james, to be honest, I mostly ad some contrast in PP not only with this lens but also with my other lenses. But since I'm testing I didn't do too much in PP this time. As you can see it was after 8.00 pm and the light went away. So the circumstances were not the best especially on the first posted image. But nevertheless for my needs it's more than sufficient. PP will do what is needed for that.

In my own experience though I have not noticed low contrast with this lens but perhaps that is because I process raw images rather than rely on the jpegs produced by the camera.

True. I think I'm going to test RAW soon, but I got camera and lens just shortly and my last cam was the Fuji s200exr for wich there hasn't been a proper RAW converter/editor for a long time. But using RAW must add evident improvement cause otherwise it's not worth troubling about for me. It depends on the workflow needed.

Could the OP please comment on his camera contrast settings and the lighting conditions?

I used AUTO-ADL and will start experimenting with it soon. I realize that I don't know what the camera does now. I also didn't use HDR so far.

The sharpness is good - any image posted on this forum will suffer some loss of sharpness and the edge definition of the deer is good.

I agree. That's what I am rather keen on. I have seen many lenses in the used lens market that didn't have the sharpness this one has. And of course the Nikons and Canons are much better.

The bokeh is typical of this lens - it is not the best available but can be accepted unless one wants to play the old fashioned school teacher who is never satisfied.

I'm hardly interested in what kind of bokeh a lens has. I used to have a 500mm mirror for some time back in the analog days and I kinda liked the donut shaped bokeh in many occasions. Bokeh is always artificial because our eyes always focus the moment you look at something. Matter of taste imo.

The lens has many advantages with the d5100 - the images can be cropped in some cases without noticeable loss of resolution. The OS system is really good and I can do many handheld shots with mine at 400mm.

I don't think I will often use it handheld. I mostly will be hiding in the field under my hidebag and put the gear on a tripod.

I have not seen any visible CA yet with my images and the optical field distortion is really of the best standard that one can find for a big zoom lens.

This is an excellent lens and after reviewing the price/performance ratio, I think it is difficult to argue against the statement that it is the best lens of its type up to twice it's price and it makes a wonderful combination with the D5100.

Yeah, that's what I said, it's quite a decent combination

The Pelican below was photographed at about 12 - 15m distance at 330mm. The image was processed in DxO and cropped to 32% of the original area.

The pelican is great, really.



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