Samsung RAW Converter for Mac OS X link (and minor fix for the download)

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Kevin Purcell Forum Member • Posts: 69
Samsung RAW Converter for Mac OS X link (and minor fix for the download)

This is a semi-frequent question. And I just wasted 40 minutes trying to find the answer so this might help others.

Samsung seem to have "misplaced" this in recent revisions to their web site. You can end up at the UK support site for the EX1 but no indication this exists anymore.

The direct link to the popup to download the

Fill in the form with SN number and click Check Availability to verify it's good: my TL500 serial (starting with 5 on the bottom of the camera) worked fine.

The browser then downloads the file from

The downloaded file unzips rather badly into "Contents" folder rather than a Installer package (did they zip this on a PC?).

To fix this rename the "Contents" folder to "Samsung RAW Converter 4.pkg" (or anything that ends in .pkg) then the Finder will launch the Installer correctly to kick off the install.

That odd filename would appear to be a date/time name (July 13th 2011 at just before 8am). I presume the date it got added to their CMS.


I'm not impressed with Samsung post-sales support. They really need to improve this to be taken seriously. It's a shame as the camera hardware is very good (the firmware could be a bit better) but the web sites are terrible.

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