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Re: Saving of 900000 Dollars ! : P

You forgot the really expensive part these days, the Polaroids. (Which I guess are mostly Fuji now, but I can't get used to calling test shots "Fujis".)

That said, large format cameras are well beyond 36MP. 4x5 film is generally considered to be comparable to a 50MP camera, and you have to consider that a large format camera is both shooting through a better lens and demanding less of that lens, since the image is much more spread out across the film. You also lose all of the movements that are a large part of using a large format camera.

On the other hand, certain digital medium format is a bit closer. For some users, this could be an interesting alternative to the Leica S2.

rayman 2 wrote:

photoforfun wrote:

  • 18 Mp x 2 as Fuji did or real 36 Mp ?

  • 36 Mp FX for 300.000 yen? How will recent D3x buyers feel? I know, same story happened with D1x owners when D70 appeared for 1/4th of the price, but still...

  • 36Mp FX means 16Mp DX, no intention by Nikon for a pro DX cam anymore?

  • ...

Nikonrumors might be right, and I hope so, but at first siight it seems very unlikely to me...
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I prefer one really good picture in a day over 10 bad ones in a second...

Owning a D3X and D700 d's and D7000 I feal fine !
Will I buy it if its 36MP..... Yes !
I bought the D3x with a few hundred exposures on it at a reputed second hand

camera store for a little over 5K.....and it will serve me a few years and its a
pro grade camera that does a good job......for many years to come

when I get the D800 it wont have to take all the workload at once so thats a good
thing..... !
I expect if it does have 36MP to have at least the image quality that the d700
had in low light but a do think it will be nearer to the D3s.....

Lets face it ! The image quality of a 36MP camera is resolution wise about at the same level of a large format (film) camera....!

Each sheet film costs 3 dollars for the film (sheet) and about 3 dollars for the development.

Thats 6 Dollars for each exposure not counting scans and getting the film sm to and from the lab.....
A lifetime of one of the above cameras is 150000 exposures......
At 6 dollars an exposure thats all in all without scans etc 900000 Dollars..
minus 4000 dollars for the camera and 1000 dollars for the storage makes
a saving of 896 000 Dollars PER CAMERA !

If you compare it to MF(like hasselblad film based) its a saving of 300000 Dollars....
Did I say i love mathematics........ LOL !

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