Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: Where do you see the big problems?

M Lammerse wrote:

brunobarolo wrote:


A 36mp FX sensor would be like 2 D7000 sensors glued together, so it should have the same quality at 6400 ISO that the D7000 has at 3200, no? And very high quality at base ISO.

'welding' sensors together is a regular thing to do, if you do not want video that is Or they found a solution for it. I don't think you just can multiply the ISO quality by multiply the sensor size. The quality of high ISO depends on a large part with what you do with the sensor data and how it is processed, and Nikon is extremely good in it.

I don't know whether this rumour is true, but I'm sure a camera like that can be made and sold with a profit for the rumoured price.

I also think it's possible to do, but at that price point in relation to it's performance and the other models and what others are saying, I really doubt it.


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Light is Everything (my pixel mess on flikr)

I dont doubt on Nikon ......Michael !
We will see......... it would be a great thing if they did pull it off
and would be incredible if they pulled it off with binning to make it 9MP in
highspeed !

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