Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: Saving of 900000 Dollars ! : P

Hi Renato,

The pxiel count of course does not make directly a price increase. You can stuff a lot more pixels on a ff sensor. But it depends on the technique used, multi layer sensors cost a lot more to produce. If the sensor is one part (suited for video), probable they use some kind of a layer technique.

Market wise I really wonder if it is wise to do in relation what Nikons' top of the line models will offer. But if true, it's probable in line with what the direct competition will offer (Canon, we already saw that one of Sony)

If the camera will be there so soon, why not a press event, why no details yet for large distributors and wholesale? All silent on this front.


rhlpetrus wrote:

I don't think the pixel count makes any difference at this point and expeed3 is ready (on the j1/v1, that cost under 1K USD). Why would such a camera be more expensive than a D700?

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