Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: 36mp - Unlikely, based on Nikon's past history

Nikon has had a 24mp camera since 2008.


  • However, all I'm saying is that relative to Canon and others, Nikon has (IMHO) focused on MP count last, relative to other image criteria (such as high ISO).

Nikon has always emphasized picture quality, speed of operation, low noise and high iso capability over the megapixel count.

Not always, only since 2007. Before D3 we were stuck with uncompetitive sensors.

But yes, Nikon themselves said image quality is a priority for them now. Why do you think this has changed? Whatever they come out with, I expect image quality to be superior over the current cameras.

  • I don't think their high image quality image emphasis has changed. However, I believe that given history, they may emphasize getting superior Dynamic Range and High ISO capability, over Higher MP.

If they can retain all these image quality aspects at 36mp and at an economical price, that would be great and ideal. Perhaps unlikely... If there is a compromise to be made, I suspect they'd pick High ISO over MP (as an example).

The D2h, D70, D3, and even the latest V1/J1 (not to mention several others) are good examples of this. Despite the common complaint (from Nikon consumers) that the MP count is too low, Nikon has for the most part stuck with its philosophy.

D2h was an awful example. It handed the pro market to Canon, it was a camera that forced legions of Nikon shooters to dump all of their gear and switch to Canon.

  • No argument that the D2h was poorly conceived. I only use it as an example because Nikon chose "operational speed" over "MP" at the time. It was a controversial choice.

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