Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Where do you see the big problems?

M Lammerse wrote:

The camera specs look almost unbelievable, besides of the technical reasons, a sensor of such size/witch such pixel output and with such specification (look at the ISO values) in combination with delivering both stills at that given speed of fps and video at that price point...LOL!

And thats' my point, well actually not mine, but I thought it might be worth to ventilate here.


Sensor cost is driven by sensor size, not by the number of megapixels. It's not much costlier to make a 36mp FX sensor than a 12mp FX sensor.

Those rumoured 4fps would make a throughput of just 144mp/sec. That's what the Canon 7D achieved 2 years back with 8fps x 18mp. Don't the Nikon 1 cameras deliver much more already in some special mode?

A 36mp FX sensor would be like 2 D7000 sensors glued together, so it should have the same quality at 6400 ISO that the D7000 has at 3200, no? And very high quality at base ISO.

I don't know whether this rumour is true, but I'm sure a camera like that can be made and sold with a profit for the rumoured price.

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