Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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36mp - Unlikely, based on Nikon's past history
  • If past history is any indication of how Nikon designs their products, it is highly, highly unlikely that the D800 will have 36mp.

Nikon, at least to me, seems to be the only company that has done a pretty good job of resisting the megapixel race. Nikon has always emphasized picture quality, speed of operation, low noise and high iso capability over the megapixel count.

The D2h, D70, D3, and even the latest V1/J1 (not to mention several others) are good examples of this. Despite the common complaint (from Nikon consumers) that the MP count is too low, Nikon has for the most part stuck with its philosophy.

The only exceptions are the D3x and the D7000.

Yet the D7000 really (still) has a good combination of picture quality, speed of operation, low noise and high iso, relative to its megapixels.

  • Unless there is some big technological breakthrough that allows Nikon to create such a sensor cheaply, with high quality, I would also be shocked if Nikon decided to compete with MF offerings...

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