Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: Saving of 900000 Dollars ! : P

M Lammerse wrote:

you might love mathematcis, but you're a bit short sighted on the economic side.

I asked the past couple of hours a bit around at people who really might know, and although they never say yes or no on questions asked They replied with, do do you really believe so? So that already gave me the impression of that it is a 1% chance of being correct info and 99% of commercial add-click bull.Probable some website has to finance it's new servers (rental)

Besides of the technical aspects alone, it's financial impossible to make such camera at that price point alone. And market wise it's shooting yourself, and not with a camera.

But it's Nikon and just before the presentation of the D3 similar stories where there of a competition killer with unbelievable high iso qualities and super fast performance, which was indeed. But still I give it a one 1% chance...and although

I'm allowed to put a bottle of wine on this one...but I would not even put a bottle filled with sewer water on it.


rayman 2 wrote:

If you compare it to MF(like hasselblad film based) its a saving of 300000 Dollars....
Did I say i love mathematics........ LOL !

Not very shortsighted if you look at the SD1 or if you look at the Pentax 645 or

the H431 ....... those are higher priced but nowhere near what we used to pay for film
thats my point !

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