Some thoughts about 36 Mp D800' rumour...

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Re: Saving of 900000 Dollars ! : P

FuzzTheKingOfTrees wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

Lets face it ! The image quality of a 36MP camera is resolution wise about at the same level of a large format (film) camera....!

It's nowhere near.

35mm film can be scanned at around 20Mpx, 35mm is 864mm² so that's 23 000 pixels per mm²

5x4 film is 12903mm² so around 300Mpx

Even if you decide not to believe that 35mm can be scanned at 20Mpx and say it's only 5, that's still 75Mpx for the big sheet.

Thats not what you realy get.. there are tons of tests from reputed mags and
I´ve done my own and posted here that show that the 36 MP equal the resolution
of 4x5 Inch even Profi Foto THE professional photo mag proved that..
while you can scan a lot with scanners today and the size is pretty big
you dont get the imagequality because film is not 100 % plane.....
There were systems with suction from pumps and Sinars tape but
all in all digital is way better...... thats proven..

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