played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

No, because person not interested in trolling or arguing would have said something like "not considering an EX1 may be a mistake" or "in my opinion you really should consider the EX1." Calling him ignorant is simply... ignorant. And if you had posted that in the forum I moderate you would have been infracted because your post directly violated the TOS.

I should know better that to debate sense with a troll. Welcome to my ignore list.

snake_b wrote:

Why? Because you don't like it and it doesn't agree with you, nor your sensitivities?

You're going to see mod after mod throwing their arms up in the air once they see what petty things people complain about that aren't even against the rules. People complain because they don't agree with someone, or they don't agree with their posting style, not anything to do with the rules of the forum.

HeavyDuty wrote:

snake_b wrote:

To remove the EX1 from the running shows your ignorance.

Posts like this demonstrate the very reason this forum needs moderators...
Ken in Illinois

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