5d to 5dM2 - For stock library, should I be concerned with pixel count?

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5d to 5dM2 - For stock library, should I be concerned with pixel count?


I have been shoot for stock photo libraries for 5 years or so....maybe 10 since I initally started.

I shot with 10d when I started and saw a lot of those photo's printed up on large wall murals for advertisements in the travel industry.
They looked great!

At the time the photo libraries were happy with the pixel count and quality; but of course as more amatures go their hands on digi cameras..more photo's out there...and cameras took on bigger sensors; libraries started restricting their submissions to larger MP cameras.

Years later, I was so frustrated to find that so many libraries refused to look at images from a digital camera with a MP count that was totally acceptable a few years prior.

Usually though I have been okay with putting in a petition with my libraries with these 10d images and they have been added to the library regardless to the size.

But just makes me think that I always will need the largest MP camera for images to be used in the future.

I have a travel shoot scheduled in 2 weeks in SE asia.

I shoot now with the 5d and 7d. Love the 5d as my main camera as it does great with the full frame and awesome skin tones for portrait and also seems better at a high ISO.

The 7d does great for the extra crop factor and higher MP count...I throw my 70-200 on there for telephoto work and some portrait.

But the 5d has a sensor that sucks in dust. Buying the 5dM2 might be worthwhile simply to save work on editing out dust on the back end.
I was thinking of buying the 5dM2 for the trip....but mainly for the pixel size.

I am always worried that whatever amazing camera I have now; will be, in a few years, the camera sensor that was too small to even look at images....as in the 10d.

I am comfortable with the 5d and know how to edit the photo's.......but is the sensor that much smaller than the 5dM2, that I should buy the new one?

Another bonus would be the dust cleaning sensor on the 5DM2....but is the sensor that much bigger?
I have heard the skin tones are not as good and ISO not as good on teh 5DM2....

If this is my one chance to shoot stock in SE asia...the familiar 5d? or upgrade last minute to the 5Dm2 for the bigger sensor and large images sizes (better for sale?)

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