need advice on A77 portrait zoom lenses 28-75 or 16-50?

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need advice on A77 portrait zoom lenses 28-75 or 16-50?

I've never owned a DSLR before, for the past two years i mainly shoot with m4/3 prime lenses with pancakes on Epl-2, gh1, or X100 etc.

I'm planning on getting the A77/A65 and 3 zoom lenses.

ultrawide zoom - sigma 8-16mm, tokina 11-16
standard zoom - sony 16-50/2.8, or tamron 28-75.
telephoto - tamron -70-200

The standard zoom is where it gets tricky for me. If I'm shooting portraits outdoors, the 28-75mm would allow me to get most of the shots without changing to 70-200 (in a casual setting the 70-200 can scare some people) but indoors the 16-50 would be better. But either way, if I get the 16-50, I don't have 51-70mm covered. And if I

choose the 28-75mm, then I don't have anything for 17-28. I looked at the tamron

10-24mm instead of the sigma 8-16 or tokina 11-16 but all the reviews I read points to that the 10-24 is not a good lens in camparsion.

I know it's a give and take question, but since I don't have much experience in real life setting, can you give me some advice on whether to get the 16-50 or 28-75 range?

do any of you own both the 16-50 28-75? they have half of their range overlapped so
it is hard to justify buying both.

Also, for the price of Sony 16-50, I can get tamron 17-50/2.8 and 28-75/2.8 but then

I wouldn't be able to take advantage of the auto-focus during movie which is what the

A77 is good for. Does anybody use the Sony 24-70/2.8 for apsc? how does it perform?

Any input and advice is very much appreciated! thanks!!

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