Preview time lag - D3000 vs D90 - Class 10 vs Class 2

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Re: Preview time lag - D3000 vs D90 - Class 10 vs Class 2 - Closing

My error #1 is that Tommy's Nikon is a D40, not a D90 (I had read the model number upside down in the dimly lit dance hall) and a "Large" shot is 6Mb on his vs my 10Mb as saved to the card. His camera was also set to "RAW+G" as opposed to my JPEG Fine. The size written to the card alone could account for 1/2 of the noted response difference.

Further, my "preview" gives me a nearly full-frame display, whereas the D40's preview is but a postage stamp sized display centered in the rear panel on his. This may be a setting issue and may bear no relation to the response issue but I decided to avoid changing any of his settings.

Bottom line is that I gained nothing by going to the Class 10 card except I now have another 8G when I need it and it only cost me twelve bucks.

FWIW: My Nikons go back to the "F" which I purchased in 1965. I still have it along with the 50mm & 105mm lenses and use it from time to time. If I choose to use film, my choice is my N8008 but I find the instant gratification (and immediate notification of screwup) to be a blessing with the DSLR.

Thanks to all.
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