played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

le_alain wrote:

Exactly. It is still capable of taking excellent images...for what it is. The camera you have with you is much better than the DSLR that you have at home.

Because oF the OVF, the manual zoom, compact size, and decent IQ, good video

Do you know the pleasure to take a picture with a rangefinder ?
Quiet, discret, finder ....

You have tis approch with the X10 and the X100, but none of the other 4/3 sensor ,
and SLRs are another approch.

so there is a big place for such a camera, and without this speed limit at full aperture, or with a ND8 filter inside, and focus lock NEAR the OVF, i will already be on waiting list.

Sorry (for me because I really love this concept), but for the moment, my P7000 as an OVF (too small, ..), focus and flash indicator near the OVF, twice speed at ful aperture, a ND8 , and slightly better 400ISO than those I saw for the moment.

again I will tru it next week, because it was near to be a very desirable camera that plenty of enthousiasts are waiting for

I like rangefinders and used Leica M's but I can't afford to play in their digital sand box. The X-1- is a digital Leica CL.

I use a LX-5 with the EVF but think I would prefer the form factor of the X-10.
The 24 mm will be missed.

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