played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: EX1...

I happen to use one, yes, but I might be the only person on this forum that can back up my statements by saying I demoed every single camera in the class, even the GRDIII after I got my EX1. You'll see people on the Samsung or other forums, talking about the DPR tests, while I talk about my demos (and even give major points to competitors for things they do right).

Your response shows rudeness and immaturity, mostly because you won't expect such a response that I actually had a hands on with each camera and have been requesting the same of Fuji for the X10 and been met with nothing.

Hell, look at a recent thread I started on the Ricoh forum to see if I'm a fanboy just because I own the EX1.

Mark H wrote:

snake_b wrote:

To remove the EX1 from the running shows your ignorance.

Just why exactly? Because you use one?

Your response only shows rudeness and immaturity.

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