Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Re: Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

Kenneth Sloan wrote:

It's not rude to bring a camera to a wedding.

It is rude to use your photography as an excuse to disrupt the proceedings and make yourself the center of attention.

Good professional photographers know this. Wannabes with cameras have problems with the concept.

This applies both to guests AND to the pro hired to shoot the wedding.

Consequently, a gracious guest, whether carrying a camera or not will stay out of the professional's way, so as to not risk bringing attention to either one.

The guest who deeks out into the middle of the aisle during the recessional and gets body checked into a pew by the photographer who is placing his attention on the bride and groom is not a gracious guest.

Unfortunately, most of these people seem to be carrying SLR style cameras as well.

I've had this very thing happen to me.

I stopped, turned to take a shot of the recessional from a pre planned spot in the aisle, then turned to make a fairly quick dash to the back of the church and ended up nailing a much smaller person who put himself immediately in my way. I didn't even know he was there until I'd send him over the back of the pew he had just exited.

As I said earlier, bring whatever you want to a wedding, but give the hired photographer a wide berth. He's busy, and he has more on his mind than watching out for egregious guests who think they can "do the job".

A wedding is NOT a "photoshoot". Not for the guests, and not for the official videographer (I mean....who wants still photographs anymore?)

I take it you know absolutely nothing about weddings, and the photography thereof. If you did, you wouldn't be posting this sort of tripe.

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