Is it rude to bring DSLR to wedding?

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Why would you want to?

My reply is not meant to say you should not, but more of trying to understand the motivation of lugging a camera around a wedding. For weddings of every day friends and family that you see all the time I don't see the point. Plus if you want to use the event as a "chance to practice" I also don't see the point. A wedding is a special event for young couple, not a staged event for people to practice taking betting pictures.

On the other hand, if the wedding is one where many people are gathering from long distances, you will see friends and family that don't get together too often then bringing a camera can be a fun way to capture some fun moments - but I think a nice P&S would be easier to use and make the wedding more enjoyable.

The last situation maybe where you are close to the wedding party and they don't have plans for a photographer and they want friends and family to take images to help capture the event. This may shock some pros, but many people get married every day on limited budgets that can't afford big fancy weddings. If you are going to a budget wedding you can ask the B&G before hand if they want some photos and they say yes then bring a camera.

Personally I would not bring a DSLR to a wedding unless I was very close to the B&G and I was asked to bring my camera. Main reason - I think weddings generally are dreadfully dull and would hate to take the time taking pictures.


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