Sony fixed my NEX-5N clicks

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Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Sony's crystal clear explanation of NEX-5N clicks

Sony could, if it dared, explain precisely what causes the clicks, what piece gets lubricated to mute them, and wheter the lube job needs a repeat every so often.

But don't hold your breath. Reasons:

1) Further explanation might constitute open admission of a manufacture defect. This would allow owners an indefinite claim for repair or substitution, beyond the usual limited warranty.

2) Sony may not know itself whether the lubrication effects will last or, possibly, lead to a worse problem down the road if the lubricant material degrades or interacts with camera or dust elements, and become a paste.

3) If the fix mitigates the clicking for at least 90 or 365 days, maybe people will forget about the issue, or the camera will undergo so many other bumps, openings, and knocks that become plausible reason to dismiss future claims.

4) The early buyers consist of people who will buy a new camera or swap their 5n in a short while anyhow. The rest won't know or care, or may not shoot video or listen to the audio. Rollercoaster video tends to be very noisy anyway.

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