Nikon rumors - specs + D800 to be $4k?

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Nikon rumors - specs + D800 to be $4k?

From Nikon rumors

Nikon D800 (the successor to D700) will be 36 million pixels?
Nikon D800 from my readers (the successor to D700) courtesy information.

What number of pixels is 3630 megapixels.

4 frames per second continuous shooting in body only, about 6 frames per second will be used to DX mode with the optional battery pack.

A little late to be released by the model resolution sought to eliminate the low-pass filter.
Full HD video in 1920 × 1080/30p.

Headphone jacks, can be input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder. Corresponding to USB3.0. Be available in new small wireless transmitter.

86K pixel split control, AF, exposure, white balance, etc. compatible. Face Recognition AF features.

Larger LCD monitor, automatic brightness adjustment, the structure is not cloudy.
Two media CF card and SD card slot.
Shutter durability of 200,000 cycles.

Market price is about 300,000 yen. The announcement on October 26, released on November 24.

D3S a successor will be released next February. Here is a truly about 18 million pixels, so that shooting is 10 to 11 frames. AF should be improved first motion is slow. The successor of the D3X will likely disappear.

Credibility so how you provide information for the first time is unknown, the successor D700 from readers of other previously so that you the information that will 36MP, with new aircraft or maybe substantially to 36MP Maybe sometimes it is highly pixelated.

Continuous shooting speed of 4 sec frames / might spec realistic considering the number of pixels, new aircraft and that the fact that this information and D700 current different cameras in a fairly accurate (direction and studio scene?) To It is likely.

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