WHy is dpr showing such poor quality raw shots for the A77?

Started Sep 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
TrojMacReady Veteran Member • Posts: 8,725
RAW results better than OOC jpeg.

Lucas_ wrote:

There are A77 RAW files converted with ACR, C1 and othersand they all seem to be worse ( mainly for color noise ) than the camera's jpgs! Sony did an excellent work with the in camera converter, now they must at least have their IDC up to the Job!

A good conversion and NR with Topaz Denoise 5 still easily beats the out of camera jpegs IMHO. Click on "original" to see a larger version.

ISO 6400 from the camera:

ISO 6400 processed with LR3 and Denoise 5:

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