played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

Max Archer wrote:

The fact that this camera keeps getting compared to the D3100 and other DSLRs is, in my opinion, largely missing the point. It's clearly not focused on the buyer who's looking for the best camera of any sort that $600 can buy them. It's intended to be bought either by the serious photographer who already has any number of DSLRs, but wants a small camera that can capture a decent range with a good fixed lens and can be taken places where and at times when a DSLR is impractical or undesirable, or the buyer who wants a camera that will produce quality images while looking cool and stylish hanging around their neck or over their shoulder. It's not intended to compete with low-end DSLRs, and it only marginally competes with mirrorless cameras in that it's in a similar price and size bracket, but has the critical advantage of providing a usable zoom range without having to carry multiple lenses. This camera competes directly with the G12 and P7100, and indirectly with the LX5 and XZ-1, and those are the cameras we should be comparing it to, not DSLRs.

Exactly. It is still capable of taking excellent images...for what it is. The camera you have with you is much better than the DSLR that you have at home.

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