played with the x10 yesterday

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Re: played with the x10 yesterday

I don't know if the X10 beats everything that will be available in November but I tried it too just two days ago. I had all the time I wanted since there was hardly anyone at the FujiFilm booth (Pentax, Panasonic, and Olympus had the same problem as everyone was packed around the Nikon and Canon booths). I also had an LX5 on hand to compare. Because the X10's were loaded with preproduction firmware and we weren't able to put our own SD cards in, I had to compare using the cameras' screens. From this crude test, the X10's picture looked better at all ISO settings on both low contrast and high contrast subjects.

As to why one would buy this instead of a DSLR? The quality is more than good enough for most uses and it's not always fun or practical to carry a DSLR. Even the small D3100 is much bigger than the X10. Also, the deeper DOF can be an advantage in terms of focusing.

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