Profoto vs Einstein

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Re: Profoto vs Einstein

Ted Wilson wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

princeofdark wrote:

You can’t put an Elinchrom speed ring on a Profoto light. You can put a Profoto speed ring on a Profoto light, and then it will except most speed ring type modifiers – all modifiers that fit on a standard speed ring, basically those that do not have a built in mount, softboxes for example. You cannot mount an Elinchrom reflector, barndoors, or snoot on a Profoto light, because these modifiers do not use a speed ring.

Not exactly true. I use these Profoto adapters to mount all my Elinchrom accessories to my Profotos.

Thanks, I stand corrected. I have never seen this adaptor before. Sounds useful if you have a few Elinchrom modifiers and Profoto lights.

I have always liked the Elinchrom snoot with detachable grid, is there any reason this adaptor wouldn’t work with the snoot?

Brian A

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