What's wrong? Need help

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Re: What's wrong? Need help

Yep! Inkjet printer's dirty little secret. The waste ink pads. Yours are are now saturated with all the ink that is wasted during head cleans and after cartridge change.

WHat you probably did not know is that from brand new you should have been diverting the waste ink to an external bottle. The R1900 has two tubes and they are found under the right side printer panel. It is a simple process but s bit tricky to get to.

Eventually you will still get that message but since the waste ink has been diverted away from the pads, they will not be saturated with ink. You then reset the counter using the Epson utility that Zone-8 referenced.
You will then be running once again.

You can get the utility and run it to reset the counter now BUT you'd better diverth the waste ink now or you will have a mess under your printer in no time.

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