leica lens made in japan?

Started Sep 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
jedinstvo Senior Member • Posts: 1,914
Japanese lenses were made to Leica specs

There's nothing wrong with Minolta lenses, that's for sure. But the lenses made by Minolta for Leitz were made to Leica specs. In addition to the 16mm they made an 80-200 Elmar zoom. I used to have the zoom and it was excellent. I'm not aware of any M lenses made in Japan. What's interesting is the lenses Leica makes for the Japanese market. For example, there is a big contingent of S-mount fans in Japan. For them Leitz has built Summicron and Summilux ASPH lenses. So you can put a very modern lens on your Luftwaffe IIIc Kalt.

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