Second Event With the NEX 5N... (some help, please)

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Second Event With the NEX 5N... (some help, please)

I'm liking the camera a LOT. So much so, I listed all my DSLR equipment for sale today. I can't imagine walking (and standing) for 7 hours on 2 days of shooting at the Atlanta Petite LeMans race this weekend with all that gear on my back (and neck). The track is a 2 and a half mile track and I must have walked around it to the tune of 12-15 miles. And if I wasn't walking, I was standing.

(and I smiled a bit as I held my camera above the 6-foot pit fence and focused/composed while looking at the articulated screen as others with DSLRs did a variation of it...point in the general direction, focus, and check to see what they got)

Anyway, I am plagued by 2 things and would like some help as one item needs a suggestion and the other I can't seem to find.

(1) I can't tell you how many times I managed to accidently press the exposure compensation and run it down to -3. I'm guessing I need to reassign that somehow to something a bit more innocuous.

Have any of you changed it and if so, to what?

(2) Once I give up on autofocus and tap the screen to tell it where to focus, what's the easiest way to return it to multi-point focus? For an emergency method, I've been pressing the Mode button twice. Is there an easier way to do that?

PS: I found out I can load iBooks app on my iPhone and load PDFs to it and it handles it like a book. I've put the full manual on my iPhone and it handles like a book. Very nice!

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